We believe

We believe a motorcycle should arouse passion in the heart of its owner, not just a means of transport but an extension of one’s own character and beliefs.

In design terms, a new study unveils Michelangelo’s extensive use of the golden ratio in the Sistine Chapel. In 2013, it was reported that Michelangelo used the golden ratio in his painting “The Creation of Adam” in the Sistine Chapel. This Divine Proportion appears at the point at which Adam’s finger is touched by the finger of God, as God breathes life into Adam.

At 1.618 Machines the founders are breathing life into the very sole of motorcycles and creating something very special, the combination of art, design and engineering coupled with insight and creativity to not only build the World’s most exquisite motorcycles but to develop a brand that delivers a complete lifestyle and culture.

In every motorcycle, there is balance, harmony, beauty, boldness and character and a hint of pure gold.