What we do

We don’t want to just build and sell motorcycles, we want to grow a connected community and support it with associated products, merchandise, events, unique opportunities and access to people and places that help bind our vision of delivering the ultimate motorcycle experience and brand.

Of course, it starts with selecting the right motorcycle and we have a highly experienced team scouring Europe to find high quality, exquisite and robust ‘donor’ motorcycles that can become 1.618 Machines.

We have strict criteria for selection – then, the combined minds of the founders Adrian, Barnett and the team of experts, start the design and re-engineering process.

Each motorcycle is completely disassembled down to the last bolt and washer. Subject to design, the frame is powder coated, new wheels, forks, suspension, handlebars, foot-pegs are sourced from the very best specialist suppliers around the world.

The engine, gearbox and rebuilt from the bottom up, new seat design and upholstery. Re-worked fairings and panels, the electrics re-wired with all new switchgear, lights and mountings.  Any existing element that is to be re-used is cleaned and checked, if it’s not 100% perfect then it is also is replaced with an OEM part.

Hundreds of man hours are put into every motorcycle, checking and re-checking every step of the way and only when we are completely satisfied and each bike is fully road tested, do we deliver to its new owner.

At 1.618 Machines we design and build motorcycles to order, if you have a particular size, style, design and use, we will work with you to create your dream 1.618 Machine.